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  • Sometimes each of you feels that career is not going in the direction you want. You would like to make changes, find a more suitable job, taking into account your current skills and experience, but you do not know how to. You are wondering if you feel better in the future and how you will choose the right way among several ones offered.
  • You often hesitate when making important decisions and don’t move forward. We often come across various issues that we discuss with you at interviews. Thanks to the objective opinion of the observer t we can provide you, you can make better decisions. Given our many years of experience and the prospects at the labor market, we have great opportunities to help you with difficulties.


  • If you are interested in short-term or long-term employment through our agency, you need to personally visit us and register. For this, we need: for students – a certificate of study, for those who are employed – a valid employment contract, for the unemployed – a certificate of criminal record no older than 6 months (for people looking for work in the security agencies and at the box office no older than 3 months), for entrepreneurs – a valid a trade license, for pensioners – a criminal record and a decision on the appointment of a pension.
  • Other necessary documents for all applicants are an identity card and a health insurance card. As soon as you have all these documents of prime necessity, come to us at any time without prior notice at our office at the address: Týnská 632/10, Prague 1, 110 00 on weekdays from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.


  • After we determine your qualifications and time opportunities, we will either present you a specific job offer or send you suitable vacancies by SMS or e-mail. You can also find current job offers and temporary vacancies in the tab Jobs and register.