About us

We are a dynamically developing agency on the labor market, with a long and short stay in the Czech Republic.

We focus on the countries of the former Soviet Union and the EU.


Who we are?

We are a young agency in the labor market, but our employees have experience in the field of personnel management, they know the problems of companies and how to provide them with the correct selection of candidates.


At the same time, we are also focused on the issue of legal employment of foreigners, we work with work visas and, therefore, with legal entities.

For us, the priority is the legal employment of foreigners, we work with work visas and legal employers.


Why is it worth cooperating with us:

– We take into account fluctuations in your needs for employees.

– work on the selection, selection and hiring of new employees – our responsibility, you do not waste time and money

– We can fulfill your requirements in a very short time.

– We will provide compensation for the wrong employee.

– We can help you provide people with jobs, and this may be one of the best quality tools to increase work efficiency.