How to contact us?

  • Firstly it will be enough if you call us or write an e-mail.
  • The most important thing for us is a personal meeting. Only during the meeting we can get to know you and understand your wishes and needs. If such a meeting is impossible or you are interested in resolving the issue as soon as possible, and even in a unique cooperation, we can contact by phone.

Why exactly a personal meeting?

  • If the first meeting takes place at your company’s headquarters, this will give us the necessary knowledge about the working atmosphere, culture and composition of your team.
  • If you come to our office, you will still provide us with valuable knowledge.
  • Since we live our work and try to satisfy your ideas about the wanted employee, this meeting will give us unique ideas necessary for a quality choice. After all, your company is original, and not every employee will approach a specific position, even if the resume matches the profile of the job. Therefore, before making decisions, we carefully weigh whether the candidate with his / her skills, experience, behavior and attitude to work meets the needs of your company.

What positions do we fill?

  • We are looking for suitable candidates in all areas. We do not resist as much as possible assortment.
  • If we work for a company, we try to help in everything where it is possible. We are used to working with different types of people and choosing suitable ways of their choice and approach to them. We will select for your company both a candidate for senior management and a worker at the warehouse. We know that the impression of people working in your company creates a general impression in the eyes of your customers. Therefore, we are ready and always at your service.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact us also in case of other requests (part-time worker, temporary worker, etc.). We are always ready for negotiations.

How is selection and interview going with us?

  • We will send you suitable candidates upon arrival at the agency. The response (reaction to your request) will be quick and you will be able to observe the selection process.
  • We always try to save your time spent on selection. Therefore, after a careful selection of incoming resumes, we invite each suitable candidate for an interview, where after consideration we offer and discuss a position.

How and when will we provide you with suitable candidates?

  • We will send you the minimum number of carefully selected candidates for a particular position.
  • This will give you the opportunity to choose and meet with candidates you consider suitable.
  • By e-mail we will send you a candidate’s resume, as well as the characteristics and suitability assessment of the candidate for this position.

How is your interview going?

  • You can arrange a personal interview with candidates on your own or with us. We will be happy to schedule meetings according to available dates.

What are the terms of cooperation?

  • You can sign a general cooperation agreement. The contract is usually signed for an indefinite period or for a period of time specified by you.
  • Together we will discuss the terms of cooperation, such as determining the job responsibilities of employees, salaries, date of paying bills, guarantees, etc.
  • Contract amendments can be made any time.
  • If you are interested in a one-time cooperation, we will send you a service order form without signing a contract.

What do we do when a candidate leaves during trial period?

  • It may happen that the candidate decides to stop working during the trial period. In addition, your company may terminate cooperation with the candidate due to dissatisfaction with the candidate.
  • In this case, we must find a substitute.
  • If you find a candidate using your own resources, we offer the opportunity to issue a credit note according to the contract.